Who We Are

The After Ice Team of Volunteers that brought this app to life...





Justin Brice Guariglia (Brooklyn, NY)

Transdisciplinary in nature, Justin Brice Guariglia (b. 1974) is a contemporary visual artist who regularly collaborates with philosophers and scientists to unearth the complexities of our rapidly changing world. Guariglia is a Howard Foundation Fellow in Photography at Brown University (2017-2018). www.guariglia.com


Aaron & Adam Fothergill (U.K.)

A small UK independent games developer consisting of two brothers, Aaron & Adam Fothergill, who have over 50 years of combined experience in the games industry. While focusing most of their time on writing great games such as the Apple Design Award winning ToySight and hits such as Airburst, Flick Fishing and SlotZ Racer, they are also known to dabble with the odd project for causes they support.

Aaron is the sworn guardian of the worst joke in the world and Adam is very proud of his singing on their hit CD-32 game Jetstrike being listed as “A crime against humanity” by Amiga Power magazine. https://www.strangeflavour.com/


Ian Lynch Smith (Brooklyn, NY)

Founder and CEO of Freeverse. Sold in 2010 to ngmoco (DeNA). "Freeverse's titles have garnered multiple Apple Design Awards and over 10 million paid sales from the iTunes App Store. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Founder, Small Planet, Inc. "Small Planet helps all kinds of clients transform their businesses through digital experiences." Clients include Disney, Oakley, Paramount, Planned Parenthood, Girls who Code among others. http://www.smallplanet.com. Currently Founder and CEO of second verse. Focused on building focused, quality apps that make us proud. http://www.secondverse.org


Frances Segismundo (Brooklyn, NY)

Filipino-blooded, born in Los Angeles, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in London. Carpenter by day, fine tattoo artist by night. Global citizen. Graduate of the University of the Arts London, U.K. http://www.fksegismundo.com/