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Important Science & Fact based Groups and Individuals worth following

NASA Climate Change web site

Climate Central with the best amazing sea level rise mapping around founded by author, educator and environmentalist Bill McKibben

Pro Publica - Andy Revkin

Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions - James Hansen at the Earth Institute, Columbia University

Laumont-Doherty Earth Observatory's - Klaus Jacob at the Earth Institute, Columbia University


NASA missions focused on EARTH

Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission at NASA/JPL - studying the complex interaction between the ice sheets, sea ice, and land

Operation Ice Bridge (OIB) mission at Goddard - the largest airborne ice survery of the planet

NASA - GISS led by Gavin A. Schmidt


Favorite eco-focused philosophers

Bruno Latour

Timothy Morton


Additional Resources 

Extreme Ice Survey led by James Balog


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