Artists deliver climate-change message that time is running out

HELEN STOILAS, The Art Newspaper, May 28, 2018

They are increasingly sounding the alarm on global warming, through new works and collaborations with scientists



...Artists such as Justin Brice Guariglia, who is also in the Storm King’s show, take this engagement a step further by working directly with scientists. This summer, he is joining a group of climate scientists from the Woods Hole Research Center on a trip to study permafrost in Alaska as an artist-in-residence. The resulting work will be shown at the Anchorage Museum, which aims to send the show on tour through the lower 48 states. “We’re interested in more than social impact, we’re interested in social change,” says Julie Decker, the museum’s director. “Artists have the [research] mentality to connect with scientists, do deep dives into things and create high-profile projects that can start to create change.”