Earth Works: Mapping the Anthropocene

The Norton Museum of Art

Earth Works: Mapping the Anthropocene

The work of Justin Brice Guariglia

Published by the Norton Museum of Art

Design by Project Projects

Tim Wride / Timothy Morton / Dan Goods / Terry Tamminen / Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation




Imagine a world, not long from now, of ten billion humans living sustainably and in harmony with abundant and equally sustainable Nature. Now imagine the world in which all living things face existential distress, riven by disastrous climate change, waste, and pollution.


We could not easily visualize these two outcomes, or the countless variables in between, nor could we take action to influence the future we want without art of all kinds, working in every imaginable media and style. And whatever comes next, the world would be greatly impoverished without the work of visionary artistic provocateurs along the way.


Justin Brice Guariglia is one of those remarkable agents of imagination and change, inspiring us to take action on the most pressing environmental issues of our time by bridging groundbreaking photographic processes with materials that are inherently a part of climate change itself. And like our world,  Guariglia’s work is three-dimensional rather than flat, emotional as well as visual, so at a moment when it’s difficult to see the enormity of our planet’s challenges, and necessary solutions, Guariglia makes it possible to feel its scale in our bones. 


To turn imagination to reality, turn the we have into the world we want, and to solve our planetary challenges together, we'll need just that. 


Terry Tamminen, President/CEO, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation